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EGA Master exhibits at the KATOWICE international fair in Katowice (Poland), from the 8th to the 11th of September
Peter Dermaut, appointed as Area Sales Manager for the Central and Eastern European region
EGA Master with the most disadvantaged ones
EGA Master, one of the five companies in the Leading Brands of Spain Forum with the highest percentage of international business
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1000V Insulated Tools - Non-sparking Non Magnetic Tools - ESD VDE ATEX Tools - Titanium Tools

Non-Sparking Tools

EGAMASTER, S.A. Non Sparking Tools means the alloys used will never create sparks with enough energy to create the ignition of an explosive atmosphere. In that way, EGA Master Non Sparking Tools are 100% safe, being certified by the EU approved laboratory BAM (German Federal Institute). On top of the best and safest alloys, EGA Master provides to its non sparking tools the deep knowledge of making efficient, productive, ergonomic and safe tools; all certified ISO 9001-200, by the most famous institution for hand tool manufacturing, TUV-Rheindland/Germany.

VDE Tools

EGA Master manufactures a wide range of VDE tools / 1000V insulated tools. All manufactured and tested according to the strict international Norm IEC EN 60900. VDE Pliers, VDE screwdrivers, VDE spanners, VDE wrenches, VDE sockets, VDE ratchets and many more 1000V insulated tools.

ATEX Tools

EX designation ATEX (Atmosphere -Explosive)

Non Sparking Insulated Tools

There are some zones which present 2 different H&S risks: electric voltage, together with an environment that may have an explosive agent present (such as gases or dusts). Zones like this appear in the production of batteries, battery repair and maintenance, electrical maintenance in ATEX areas...

The Non-sparking 1000V insulated tool range of EGA MASTER provides safe insulated tools, certified according to international IEC EN 60900 standard, while ensuring complete non-sparking properties for ATEX classified zones. Manufactured in Aluminum Bronze or Copper Berylium alloys, both of them are approved by the German Federal BAM Institution, accredited by the European Union for the certification of products to be used in explosion hazard environments.

ATEX Phone

The EGA MASTER intrinsically safe cell phones combine simple and comfortable use together with flexibility for enabling the user to stay in communication in any place, even if he works in explosion hazardous areas. Designed for stable and durable use, the EGA MASTER 7956X ATEX mobile phons are perfect to be used in extreme conditions, being the perfect solution for Ex-areas.

EGA MASTER 79561 and 79565 are ATEX-certified mobile phones for gas and dust Zones1, 2, 21 and 22. EGA MASTER 79562 and 79566, are approved for 2 and 22 zones, giving professional workers the required safety level to work in dangerous areas. Keyboard is dimensioned generously and provides enough space for continous operation, even with gloves. 79565 and 75966 mobile phone devices include "man-down" function for increased personal safety.


EGA Master exhibits at the KATOWICE international fair in Katowice (Poland), from the 8th to the 11th of September

EGA Master exhibits at the biggest Mining, Metallurgy and Power Industry in Europe.  

Peter Dermaut, appointed as Area Sales Manager for the Central and Eastern European region

We are pleased to announce that on 15 April Mr Peter Dermaut has joined EGA Master as Area Sales Manager for the Central and Eastern European region. Peter comes from the automotive aftermarket company Sidem where he held a regional responsibility for the last 8 years. With Peter´s appointment, EGA Master will be able to provide a closer support to its customers across Europe, and explore opportunities to expand the business into new industry segments.

EGA Master with the most disadvantaged ones

Consistent with its corporate social responsibility model, EGA Master works with different organisms and institutions for the strengthening of the social actions. On this occasion, the company has donated quantity of hand tools valued at about 18,000 Euro to help the different social projects of the REMAR NGO in African countries, South and North America, and Philippines. EGA Master tools will help create, amplify and improve this social projects which main objective is to improve the social conditions of the most disadvantaged children, families and communities of these countries.

EGA Master which has been previously awarded Basque Solidary Company Dato de Oro Prize (2010) and Ruban D'Honneur (2013) at the European Business Awards for its ethical behavior, has consolidated once again its compromise with the society supporting solidarity projects that help global sustainable human development.

EGA Master, one of the five companies in the Leading Brands of Spain Forum with the highest percentage of international business

EGA Master, hand tool manufacturer, together with Santander Bank, Talgo, Puig and Cosentino, is one of the five companies in the Leading Spanish Brands Forum whose international business represents over 80% of its revenue. This data is provided by the new edition of the “Atlas of the leading brands of Spain”, which includes the individual profiles of 154 representative companies from the over 2,000 multinational companies in Spain. The Atlas offers detailed information about these 154 companies, including the countries where they are located, their most relevant current and future markets and their brand portfolio to name a few. The profiles also include general corporate information such as the turnover, the number of employees and the percentage of international business they have. The total turnover of the companies analyzed is around 400,000 million of Euros, and the international share represents 56% (228.000 million) of their business. On average, these brands are present in around 53 countries, including both exports and local implantation. The markets with the most significant presence of Spanish brands include France (73.4%), Mexico (74%), UK (73.4%), USA (73.3%) and Portugal (68.8%). The countries consider to offer the greatest potential for the next three to five years, on the other hand, are the United States (24%), China (21%), Brazil (19.5%), Mexico (18.2%) and Germany (14.3%).


EGA Master expands its pincers range

EGA Master expands its already extremely wide range of pincers with the axial grip pliers, perfect for welding and soldering operations. They are an ideal solution for access into difficult places or areas with restricted space.

New range of EGA Master hydraulic tools.

EGA Master launches its new range of hydraulic torque wrenches. These tools have been designed for controlled tightening of nut-bolt connections. The assortment of square drive hydraulic torque wrenches (to use with impact socket wrenches) or hexagon cassette (not require additional sockets) hydraulic torque wrenches allow tightening of a very wide range of nut size, both in mm and inches. Their small size and high durability make them essential tools in many sectors, such as petrochemical industry, wind sector, power generation, naval sector, etc.

EGA Master new eccentric torque multipliers

EGA Master expands its controlled tightening range with an original and revolutionary new tool in the formwork in construction sector.

EGA Master expands its range of electronic meters

The precision measuring is a fundamental necessity in modern life. Aware of this, EGA Master has developed a wide range of electronic devices, among which you can find laser distance detector. It is compact, versatile and effective, uses laser light waves instead of ultrasonic waves and measures their reflection, which enables the measurement of the distance between two points with maximum accuracy. Measures distances up to 60 meters with an accuracy of +/- 1.5 mm.