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EGA Master exhibits in 3 leading Asian Industrial Fairs
A 99,51% Fill Rate achieved last month!
EGA Master works together with the IMQ Health Care & Safety Group to prevent occupational hazards
Supply contract for Basrah Gas Company (Irak)
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Non-Sparking Tools - 1000V insulated tools

Non Sparking Tools means the alloys used will never create sparks with enough energy to create the ignition of an explosive atmosphere. In that way, EGA Master Non Sparking Tools are 100% safe, being certified by the EU approved laboratory BAM (German Federal Institute). On top of the best and safest alloys, EGA Master provides to its non sparking tools the deep knowledge of making efficient, productive, ergonomic and safe tools; all certified ISO 9001-200, by the most famous institution for hand tool manufacturing, TUV-Rheindland/Germany.

ATEX Tools

ATEX Tools : EX designation ATEX (Atmosphere -Explosive)

Non Sparking - Insulated Tools

Insulated tools: There are some zones which present 2 different H&S risks: electric voltage, together with an environment that may have an explosive agent present (such as gases or dusts). Zones like this appear in the production of batteries, battery repair and maintenance, electrical maintenance in ATEX areas...

The Non sparking 1000V insulated tools range of EGA MASTER provides safe insulated tools, certified according to international IEC EN 60900 standard, while ensuring complete non sparking properties for ATEX classified zones. Manufactured in Aluminum Bronze or Copper Berylium alloys, both of them are approved by the German Federal BAM Institution, accredited by the European Union for the certification of products to be used in explosion hazard environments.

VDE Tools

EGA Master manufactures a wide range of VDE tools / 1000V insulated tools. All manufactured and tested according to the strict international Norm IEC EN 60900. VDE Pliers, VDE screwdrivers, VDE spanners, VDE wrenches, VDE sockets, VDE ratchets and many more 1000V insulated tools.

ESD(Electro Static Discharge)

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the release of static electricity when two objects come into contact. EGA Master Electrostatic discharge tools (ESD tools) dispose of the electrostatic energy in a safe and controlled way for the user and electronic components. That makes them the perfect tools for electronic applications.

Titanium Tools

The two most useful properties of the titanium are corrosion resistance and the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. In its unalloyed condition, titanium is as strong as some steels, but less dense. EGAMASTER, S.A. Titanium Tools have been developed with the most high-tech titanium alloy, 6AI-4V, which has been used in the most innovative and advanced fields, such as aviation, military and aerospace applications.


EGA Master exhibits in 3 leading Asian Industrial Fairs

EGA MASTER EXPONE EN TRES DE LAS FERIAS MAS IMPORTANTE EN ASIA PSME National Convention (Manila, Oct, 18 -20 ) most important industrial fair in the Philippines.
Metalex (Bangkok, Nov. 21-24) biggest exhibition in Thailand for machine tools and production technologies.
OSEA (Singapore, Nov. 27 -29 ) most prestigious oil & gas event in Asia, with over 1000 exhibitors from 48 countries.
Three essential fairs to consolidate EGA Master´s position as the world´s leading brand in innovation, safety and efficiency.

A 99,51% Fill Rate achieved last month!

EGA Master obtained a 99.51% Fill Rate in August. The Fill Rate (also called Demand Satisfaction Rate) is the percentage of customer orders satisfied from stock at hand. It is a measure of an inventory's ability to meet demand. In other words, only 0.49% of demand ended-up as back-order.
The average fill rate in the tool sector is only 80-85%. A high fill rate is critical to maximize sale potential, keep a good reputation level and close the doors to the competition.

EGA Master works together with the IMQ Health Care & Safety Group to prevent occupational hazards

EGA MASTER SE UNE A IMQ EN LA PREVENCIÓN DE RIESGOS LABORALES EGA Master Industrial CEO Iñaki Garmendia offered a training course about occupational hazards at an event organized by IMQ, one of the biggest health care providers and prevention specialists in Spain. The course focused on the proper use of general tools, as well as the right selection of non-sparking alloys in areas with risk of explosion.

Supply contract for Basrah Gas Company (Irak)

BasrahGasCompany Basrah Gas Company (BGC) in Iraq, -a joint venture between the state owned South Gas Company, Shell and Mitsubishi- has purchased EGA Master non-sparking tools in order to guarantee the safety of its operations.


EGA Master has developed it new Robust tool cases, which allow tools to be transported safely to the field. Their IP67 protection gives them total protection against dust and allows them to be submerged up to 1 m.

In addition, the tool cases allow tools to be accessed easily through removable drawers that enable an “à la carte” configuration thanks to their innovative rail system.

Additionally, EGA Master offers the possibility of including customized foam trays designed to incorporate the exact composition of tools required by the customer. Such customization reduces the probability of tool loss through better organization and tool management.


EGA Master extends is already wide product range with its NTS Nanotools Solutions range, which includes two main innovative products with a nanotechnology base. The NTS Floor Coat and the NTS Metal Protect are ideal for the maintenance and protection of floors and surfaces from dirt and corrosion.

The NTS Floor Coat is a solution with water, oil and stain repelling properties that helps maintain and therefore extend the life of those surfaces where it is applied. It is a solution that is highly resistant to abrasion and friction, and is suitable primarily for horizontal surfaces. However, it can also be applied in porous and low porous vertical surfaces.

The NTS Metal Protect is a solution that protects metallic surfaces against dirt and oxide. It also prevents polluting particles or dirt debris from adhering to the surface, simplifying cleaning and maintenance activities. Furthermore, it offers protection from corrosion and impacts, extending the life of the components on which it is applied (e.g. valves, fasteners etc).

New EGA Master refinery pipe and valve wrench

New EGA Master refinery pipe and valve wrench allows operator to use just one tool for several operations (grip, hit and open/close valves). It reduces the weigh carried by operator and reduce tool investment.

EGA Master total safety slogging wrench

EGA Master new total safety slogging wrenches are specifically designed for avoiding injuries in hands and fingers, main source of accidents during hand tools use.

Thanks to the use of special O-ring seal, looseness between tool and nut is avoided, and friction between them is increased. Thus, the wrench does not need to be held with the hand during its use, avoiding any possibility accident. Besides, new total safety slogging wrenches include removable shackle for tethering it while working at height works.