Corporate news

EGA Master and Michelin have won the IV Green Pact Award in Vitoria for their efforts to reduce and eliminate the environmental impact of its industrial activities.

EGA Master has won the 2018 national award thanks to its revolutionary Smart Stations. In a 2 month period, EGA Master has designed, developed, manufactured and installed 14 flexible and mobile workstations for the AIRBUS A350 door assembly line. The solution included an RFID based solution that, together with a laser detection mechanism, eliminates any error in the selection of tooling used during the manufacturing process.

The winners at the international level will be announced in Beijing in February 2019.

VISITA_A_EGA_MASTER The International Employment Congress, which has taken place in Vitoria (Nov. 5-7), has analysed with experts arrived from all over Europe the main factors that affect employment, such as the megatrends that will define it in the coming decades, the future of work in the digital economy, the impact of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) or the sustainable economic development.
The participants have had the chance to visit two of the companies that have better transformed themselves in terms of modern employment, with great adaptation to change, such as EGA Master and Mercedes-Benz.

EMAF_2018 The two industrial companies of the EGA Group will jointly exhibit at the 17th edition of EMAF in Portugal.
EGA Master will display its one-stop solution of premium tools for the most demanding industrial end-users. EGA Solutions will present its innovative Smart Stations, the EGA Loc geolocation systems and the EGA Ware tool control system software.
Come and visit us at Hall 4, Stand C08.

EGA MASTER EXPONE EN TRES DE LAS FERIAS MAS IMPORTANTE EN ASIA PSME National Convention (Manila, Oct, 18 -20 ) most important industrial fair in the Philippines.
Metalex (Bangkok, Nov. 21-24) biggest exhibition in Thailand for machine tools and production technologies.
OSEA (Singapore, Nov. 27 -29 ) most prestigious oil & gas event in Asia, with over 1000 exhibitors from 48 countries.
Three essential fairs to consolidate EGA Master´s position as the world´s leading brand in innovation, safety and efficiency.

EGA Master obtained a 99.51% Fill Rate in August. The Fill Rate (also called Demand Satisfaction Rate) is the percentage of customer orders satisfied from stock at hand. It is a measure of an inventory's ability to meet demand. In other words, only 0.49% of demand ended-up as back-order.
The average fill rate in the tool sector is only 80-85%. A high fill rate is critical to maximize sale potential, keep a good reputation level and close the doors to the competition.

EGA MASTER SE UNE A IMQ EN LA PREVENCIÓN DE RIESGOS LABORALES EGA Master Industrial CEO Iñaki Garmendia offered a training course about occupational hazards at an event organized by IMQ, one of the biggest health care providers and prevention specialists in Spain. The course focused on the proper use of general tools, as well as the right selection of non-sparking alloys in areas with risk of explosion.

BasrahGasCompany Basrah Gas Company (BGC) in Iraq, -a joint venture between the state owned South Gas Company, Shell and Mitsubishi- has purchased EGA Master non-sparking tools in order to guarantee the safety of its operations.
EGA Master supplies pneumatic tools to the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt

Q_DE_ORO The Spanish Supreme Court (the highest court in Spain) has declared Bellota guilty of an act of unfaithful competition against EGA Master. The ruling is final and may not be appealed. The Court ruled that a press release from Bellota where it informed that “it was the first company in its sector to obtain the Golden Q award” was an act “of deceit”, because EGA Master had obtained that award 3 years earlier.