EGA Master expands its already extensive range of insulated safety tools 1000V by including the newly developed Piraina ® pipe cutter 64 mm. Its large capacity allows cutting the vast majority of plastic pipes: PVC, PB, PE, PP, etc., and even electric cables, with a maximum voltage up to 1000V. It has been designed with the strictest ergonomic criteria that ensure frequent, comfortable and efficient use. This new cutter retains all the features that have made the Piraina® pipe and cable cutters fundamental and essential tools for professional users.

EGA Master insulated tools comply with the IEC 900 resp. DIN EN 60900 norm, all of them being tested at 10,000 V (i.e, at an intensity/ 10 times greater than certified). They are also subjected to adhesion, dielectric penetration, impact and flame spread tests, according to the rigorous European standard.