EGA Master obtained a 99.51% Fill Rate in August. The Fill Rate (also called Demand Satisfaction Rate) is the percentage of customer orders satisfied from stock at hand. It is a measure of an inventory's ability to meet demand. In other words, only 0.49% of demand ended-up as back-order.
The average fill rate in the tool sector is only 80-85%. A high fill rate is critical to maximize sale potential, keep a good reputation level and close the doors to the competition.

EGA MASTER SE UNE A IMQ EN LA PREVENCIÓN DE RIESGOS LABORALES EGA Master Industrial CEO Iñaki Garmendia will offer a training course about occupational hazards at an event organized by IMQ, one of the biggest health care providers and prevention specialists in Spain. The course will focus on the proper use of general tools, as well as the right selection of non-sparking alloys in areas with risk of explosion.

BasrahGasCompany Basrah Gas Company (BGC) in Iraq, -a joint venture between the state owned South Gas Company, Shell and Mitsubishi- has purchased EGA Master non-sparking tools in order to guarantee the safety of its operations.
EGA Master supplies pneumatic tools to the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt

Q_DE_ORO The Spanish Supreme Court (the highest court in Spain) has declared Bellota guilty of an act of unfaithful competition against EGA Master. The ruling is final and may not be appealed. The Court ruled that a press release from Bellota where it informed that “it was the first company in its sector to obtain the Golden Q award” was an act “of deceit”, because EGA Master had obtained that award 3 years earlier.

METALMADRID Both companies of the EGA Group will jointly exhibit at the 11th edition of MetalMadrid, the biggest industrial innovation fair in Spain, which will take place on Sept. 26 and 27.

EGA Solutions will introduce its latest pioneering developments in Smart Stations, EGA Ware control software and EGA Loc geolocation systems.

Visit us at Hall 2, Stand 2D09!
After the positive results of an initial pilot test, EGA Master will progressively renew its entire fleet of commercial vehicles with hybrid vehicles. This process will be carried out under the company's Environmental Sustainability initiative, which will aim to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations.

EGA Master exhibits together with its distributor Orexad at the Petrochymia Lounge, which will be held on the 19th & 20th of September in Martigues, France.
During the fair, the maximum representatives of the petrochemical industry have access to our complete range of solutions including industrial tools, safety tools and ATEX certified safety equipment, essential in the sector to work under completely safe conditions.

EGA Master has developed and supplied the first ESD electro-dissipative roller cabinet for INTEL Corporation, the largest integrated circuits manufacturer in the world.
In a workplace where electronic components are used, the slightest static electricity discharge can create a serious problem. EGA Master, which already had ESD electro-dissipative tools to work safely in these environments, has gone a step further by developing an electro-dissipative cart that fits the American multinational´s specific needs.

IVECO Magirus, the manufacturer of trucks for special and highly demanding operations, has chosen EGA Master as its brand of premium tools. The agreement includes the supply of customized roller cabinets for the different work stations, as well as the laser marking of the IVECO Magirus logo on all the roller cabinets and tools to improve their identification and control.

Through this agreement, IVECO Magirus will have access to the wide range of premium tools offered by EGA Master, as well as tool as to personalization and tool control solutions that allow safety and efficiency levels to be increased across the manufacturing processes of the automotive sector.