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EGA Master manufactures a whole range of ANTI - DROP products and solutions that have been designed to control and prevent object dropping when working at height. These products have been designed to allow a comfortable, productive and efficient use of tools while assuring workers’ and equipment safety against object dropping. Ideal for many manufacturing, construction, installation and maintenance activities, both onshore and offshore. Some applications: oil rigs, wind turbines, power lines, cranes, buildings, scaffoldings, bridges, telecom towers, airplane maintenance, speleology, mining…


ANTI-DROP tools with heat shrink system

EGA Master ANTI-DROP tools have been carefully designed not only to avoid accidental dropping, but also to ensure maximum safety. All tools are equipped with heat shrink system which offer superior safety compared to other systems, such as directly holding tools with a knot. 
Of course, all tools keep the original and well-known EGA Master industrial tools features: safety, resistance, durability, efficient and comfortable use.


Designed for maximum safety, as well as optimum working freedom, the various systems provide all required solutions for a comfortable and safe use on heights, while assuring best shock absorption.

Safety belts

Designed to fit the worker´s body, enable user freedom and provide maximum tool fixing points. Internal hooks safely retain tools while the operator is climbing or moving location.

Tool Control System

Tool control is essential in many applications, specially on those where “forgotten” tools create high safety risks: airplane repair, wind turbine maintenance, construction at height… EGA Master offers exclusive and totally customized tool control system solutions. Just decide which tools you need, and EGA Master will design and manufacture customized the set you require, with Bi-colored foam trays that perfectly fit tools and visually warn of any missing element. For more info, please check "TOOL CONTROL SYSTEM" chapter.

ANTI-DROP solution for 1000V insulated, ESD, non-sparking or non-magnetic tools

If you require such tools in ANTI-DROP execution, due to their special properties, please do contact us to advice the best possible solution.

EGA Master is a member of DROPS,
a global initiative for inter-sector collaboration for the establishment of standards and solutions to prevent falling objects, represented by companies that are the most advanced and safety aware across multiple sectors: such as Oil, Gas, Mining, Construction, Manufacturing, Safety, etc.

As a member of this initiative, EGA Master has designed, manufactured, tested, approved and certified all its ANTIDROP (prevention against falls) tools and accessories according to the latest standards of security and recommendations provided
ensuring the highest standards of security against falling objects. All this, combined with industrial class quality tools, ensures that EGA Master ANTIDROP solutions meet the highest standards of efficiency, productivity, comfort and safety.

The lanyard is attached to an anchor point and the weight is applied to the other end. Then the weight is elevated and dropped vertically, five times.

The lanyard is attached to an anchor point and the weight is applied to the other end.Then the weight is elevated above the anchorage point and dropped, five times.

The lanyard is attached to an anchor point and the weight is applied to the other end during 10 minutes.

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