Within a 2 month period, EGA Master has designed, developed, manufactured and installed 14 flexible and mobile workstations for the AIRBUS A350 door assembly line. The solution included an RFID based solution that together with a laser detection mechanism eliminates any error in the selection of tooling used during the manufacturing process.

The solution delivered by EGA Master is a bespoke development that meets Aernnova´s need for controlled access to tooling used in its new assembly line. The development controls the access through RFID cards that enable centralized opening and closing of drawers and trays. The system also includes a laser based system that detects errors such a drawer that has not been fully closed, blocking any access until the error is addressed, and by doing so avoiding the use of the wrong tooling in each workstation.

The solution allows Aernnova to achieve considerable cost savings by reducing the so called “no quality” costs. This is due to the high costs associated with errors and quality rejections of expensive products and equipment in the aeronautic sector.

For the project, EGA Master commissioned a multi-functional team comprised of 24 professionals, and invested in a new line at the company’s new premises in Jundiz for assembling and testing the workstations.