EGA Master extends is already wide product range with its NTS Nanotools Solutions range, which includes two main innovative products with a nanotechnology base. The NTS Floor Coat and the NTS Metal Protect are ideal for the maintenance and protection of floors and surfaces from dirt and corrosion.

The NTS Floor Coat is a solution with water, oil and stain repelling properties that helps maintain and therefore extend the life of those surfaces where it is applied. It is a solution that is highly resistant to abrasion and friction, and is suitable primarily for horizontal surfaces. However, it can also be applied in porous and low porous vertical surfaces.

The NTS Metal Protect is a solution that protects metallic surfaces against dirt and oxide. It also prevents polluting particles or dirt debris from adhering to the surface, simplifying cleaning and maintenance activities. Furthermore, it offers protection from corrosion and impacts, extending the life of the components on which it is applied (e.g. valves, fasteners etc).