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Medalla de bronce, SalĂłn internacional de la InvenciĂłn, ParĂ­s 2004

Innovation Award, Metalmaq, Lisbon 2001

Bronze Medal, International Inventors Competition, Paris 2004

  1. Displaced joint axle high-leverage system, together with the applied technology on the jaws, provides 60% higher cutting capacity than traditional pliers. Cuts nails up to 5mm.

  2. Polygonal super-resistant axle pin, long lasting and smooth action.

  3. Terminal Crimping system for combination pliers.

  4. TITACROM® - special surface treatment, rust-proof and antichipping off , it is non-reflecting and with very attractive finishing.

  5. BIMAT® 2 component ergonomic and anti-slippery handles provide comfortable gripping.

  6. Patented.


  • Displaced joint axle provides high leverage system and 60% more cutting power than standard pliers.
  • Nails of diameter up to 4,5mm.
  • Extraresistant poligonal axle pin, long lasting and smooth action.
  • Crimping system incorporated in combination pliers for different crimping actions.
  • Titcrom® special surface treatment, antirusty, non peel off, non reflecting and attractive finishing.
  • Bimat ergonomic two component handle for ideal grip.
  • Patented.
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