Pneumatic Tools

Martedì, 01 Settembre 2015 14: :22

EGA Master pneumatic impact wrenches are designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion by the user, in fields such as automotive repair , heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly major construction, and for any place where a high torque output is needed.

1. Motor designed to prevent power losses.

2. Rotor with spring which offers high power output.

3. Composite and lightweight housing.

4. Special One-piece Valve designed for easy maintenance.

5. 360° Swivel Air Inlet.

6. Low-noise.

7. High sensitive trigger for smooth operation.

8. High performance twin hammer mechanism.

- Excellent power

- High life
- Specially designed for industrial use in automotive service

UltimoMartedì, 01 Settembre 2015 15: :40