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Customize the colour of your tool boxes, trolleys and workshop equipment by selecting from the 4 available colours:

Strengthen the corporate image of your company.
- Visually distinguish your equipment by application or division.

All available in red (RAL 2002*), green (RAL 6032*), blue (RAL 5017*) and yellow (RAL 1003*).

*Approximate colors


EGA Master has widened its range of ANTI-OVERTURN systems within its vast variety of roller cabinets and tool chests.

The OODO System (“Only One Drawer Open”) allows the user to open only one drawer each time.The references which have this system are 51025 and 51039.

All other references are equipped with the ANTI-OVERTURN security system with individual and lateral open button in each tray.


The EGA Master AR (Augmented Reality) App allows the user to create an on-screen virtual visualisation incorporating real size elements of EGA Master workshop equipment into their own installations. By simply focusing the screen of your Smartphone or Tablet at a location within your workplace you can use markers* to place equipment which will then appear in the on-screen display creating a virtual view of the installation as it would look in real size.  This will allow you to make decisions on quantities, size and colour of equipment that best suits your specific needs and facilities.


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