• EGA Master presents four levels of different solutions designed to respond to different needs or specific situations that can be solved by using your tool. In this way, access to it is facilitated and the demand for porducts deriving from a specific job is covered.

Solutions in tool control systems and storage

This solution responds to the need to adopt a more efficient control and access to the tools increasing the safety of the operator and reducing economic expenses derived from losses or thefts.

in premium industrial hand tools

EGA Master has the largest range of tools for industrial use. All elements of this solution are designed to respond in the most demanding conditions and have unlimited warranty.

Solutions in pipe tools and machines

From tools to tighten and cut tubes to machines for grooving and threading, EGA Master offers a wide selection of tools and machinery for tube designed to meet the most demanding needs.

Safety tools

EGA Master's safety tools respond in a totally efficient way in the most demanding risk situations, either in work at height or in environments with the presence of gas, dust, magnetic fields or electrical voltage.