Wednesday, 11 May 2011 09:05
  1. ABS+Elastomer antishock and antiabrasion bimaterial case.

    Chromed Plated Case.

    Unlimited life antishock cases.

  2. Doble action safety blocking and braking for maximum comfort.

  3. MASTER nylon coating , 15 times more resistant against abrasion and rust.

    10 times more resistant against abrasion and rust.

    Dirt anti-adherence and non-reflecting..

    Tape and all metallic components made in Stainless Steel to work under the most humid environmental conditions.

    Continous and easy-reading scale for long distances or low light enviroments.

    Matt tape

    Bending resistant and highest quality 0,11 mm thickness steel
    blades, equiped with the most advanced techniques in antireflection, antiabrasion, antiadherence and antirust coating.

  4. Powerful Magnetic Hook

    Uñas reforzadas antichoque en todos los modelos para los trabajos más exigentes.

  5. ExtraResistant returning spring equipped with RapidChange quick blade-replacing system.

  1. Tempered steel spring blade: Carbon steel or Stainless steel

  2. Anticorrosive Painting: Yellow / Silver

  3. Continuous printed graduation

  4. Anticorrosive transparent coating

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