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ESD Electro Static Discharge
ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

ESD Tools

The Electro Static Discharge, ESD, is an electrostatic phenomenon which makes a sudden and momentary electrical current flow between two different objects with different electrical potential.

EGA Master ESD products dispose of the electrostatic energy in a safe and controlled way for the user and electronic components. That makes them the perfect tools for electronic applications.

Bimaterial antislippery and ergonomic handles with a soft feel for the best performance. Safety advice: Do not confuse ESD tools with insulated ones. ESD tools should not be used with components subject to electrical voltage.


EGA Master mini ESD pliers are made in high-quality Cr-V steel, which provides excellent mechanical properties and high accuracy in the cutting edges. The bimaterial handles ensure the vanishing of static charge in a safe and controlled way as well as comfortable ergonomic grip.


EGA Master mini ESD screwdrivers guarantee a safe and comfortable work. Electrostatic discharge is facilitated due to their ergonomic and smooth dissipative handles. The blades are made in high-quality Cr-V steel. The tips are machined with high accuracy. The very durable blades are matt chromed.

ESD Screwdrivers

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