What are the risks of working in mines?

Probably, the mining industry is experiencing a golden age thanks to the fact that, on the one hand, the skyrocketing price of raw materials is making some projects profitable, and on the other hand, the demand that the electrification of the car. However, there are risks that can have a direct impact on the health of workers. Read on to meet them!

Trinity Spirit explosion: An example of the importance of maintenance

The Trinity Spirit exploded on February 2. The explosion was such that the ship ended up split in two, partly submerged in the water.

Non-sparking tools

Non-sparking tools are those that generate low energy sparks, always below the ignition limit of those dangerous substances (gas or dust) present in the environment. The tools are called “non-sparking” if the temperature of the sparks emitted is below the lower limit of ignition, and they are therefore safe for use in explosive atmospheres.

Explosive atmospheres and their risks. How can we approach them?

An explosive atmosphere is a mixture of flammable substances (whether in the form of gas, vapor, mist or dust) with air that, after ignition, lead to a combustion that spreads to the entire unburned mixture